RADIO: November broadcast – Tropical Waste meets PTP

RADIO: October broadcast – Liminal Sounds takeover

PARTY: Tropical Waste w/ RP Boo, Mark Fell, Iydes b2b Seb

RADIO: September broadcast with guests MM and Kamixlo

RADIO: July broadcast with special guests KABLAM and Kepla

PARTY: Tropical Waste w/ KABLAM, Dinamarca, Throwing Shade, Kamixlo, Grovestreet, Iydes, Seb

RADIO: June broadcast with special guest Angel-Ho

RADIO: May broadcast with special guest Rizzla

RADIO: April broadcast w Neana, Endgame, Sam Elsewhere

PARTY: Tropical Waste w/ Neana b2b Moleskin, Kid Antoine b2b Sudanim, Endgame b2b Lexxi, Iydes b2b Vegyn, Sam Elsewhere b2b Seb