RADIO: January broadcast with special guests Toxe and T-EA

We start the year as we mean to go on: with visceral new club music

We begin our fifth year on NTS with a heady, heavy dose of visceral new club music. Well, what else?!

Sweden’s Toxe rolls with the Staycore crew (which also counts Dinamarca and Kablam among its number). Her debut EP for the label is wonderfully produced, an exercise in grinding rhythm, finely-placed ASMR samples and shivers of otherworldly melody. It bangs in an alien way, basically. Her guestmix is suitably fierce and frenetic and we’re very psyched to be hosting her UK debut in February.

UK-based T-EA has only upped two tracks to her SoundCloud but already she’s one of our favourite new producers. ‘Institute’ is a dumpster-full-of-concrete heavy doom loop and ‘Pencak Silat’ is a super satisfying noise/grime workout and her mix for us bosses it’s way through noise, techno, batida and jungle. Do not sleep (and watch for her forthcoming single and a mixtape/music sculpture).

This one’s hosted by Iydes, whose new EP drops on February 12 via Infinite Machine. Come join us for the low-key launch party.

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Tropical Waste w/ T-EA & TOXE Guest Mixes – 8th January 2016 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud

Running order: Iydes, T-EA, Iydes, Toxe, Iydes